WHOSE exercises are these?

Click here , here and here and practise!

Κάντε κλικ στους παραπάνω συνδέσμους και εξασκηθείτε με τα κτητικά επίθετα και όχι μόνο!

I have got some exercises for you!

Click here and here and play!

Κάντε κλικ στους παραπάνω συνδέσμους και εξασκηθείτε με το ρήμα " έχω " .

These Are Our Family Members!

Pupils of  Kids 2 made projects describing their families!

Οι μαθητές της Kids 2 έκανα εργασίες στα Αγγλικά περιγράφοντας τα μέλη της οικογένειάς τους!

A new game : Family members!

Click on this link and play! 

Κάντε κλικ στον παραπάνω σύνδεσμο και εξασκηθείτε με το νέο λεξιλόγιο.

Our Oddizzi friend Class 4F Warren Primary School!

Dear Kids 2

We are class 4F and we go to a school in Essex which is in England called Warren Primary School. Our ages are 8 and 9, by the end of the school year we will all be 9.

At the moment we are learning about Ancient Greece, do you have any interesting facts that you could teach us?

What is the name of your school? How many children are in your class and how old are you?

Have any of you learnt any English words or phrases? We learn French in school and find it a bit tricky.

Do you learn about different countries or history at your school?

We have asked you lots of questions, do you have any for us?

Hopefully you will respond so that we can keep in contact.
From: 4F
Warren Primary, Chafford Hundred Grays, UK